A better way of targeting help and support to those families who need it most. Priority Families focuses on the whole family and brings together the skills and expertise of all our frontline partners.

What is a Priority Family?

Priority Families have complex needs and problems. These can include:

  • Parents and children involved in crime or anti-social behaviour
  • Children who have not  been attending school regularly
  • Children  who need help
  • Adults out of work or at risk of financial exclusion and young people at risk if worklessness
  • Families affected by domestic violence and abuse
  • Parents and children with a range of health problems

Often these problems are linked together. This is because the whole family is connected. Tackling just one of these problems with one family member at a time is not going to help the whole family in the long-term. The Priority Families Programme supports every member of the family.

Here's how it works...

Who's involved?

Priority Families is being led by Nottingham City Council in partnership with:

  • Police
  • Nottingham City Homes
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Schools and Academies
  • Probation
  • NHS
  • Crime and Drugs Partnership
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Futures

All of these agencies and others are working to make sure our Priority Families get the best, most co-ordinated support. This is a partnership in every sense of the word.

Put simply, the support for our families is:

In the right place,
at the right time,
with the right teams... 

Phase 1 (2012-2015)

The Priority Families Programme started in Nottingham in 2012 - and in phase 1 we've improved the lives of 1,200 families. This was the target set for us by the Government. Our work with these families went so well we reached this target six months ahead of schedule.

Phase 2 (2015-2020)

Nottingham is now in the next phase of the national Troubled Families Initiative from April 2015 - April 2020. This is allowing us to help even more families with a much wider range of needs and challenges.

Why this is important

Priority Families often have the greatest need for public sector support, which costs the taxpayer the most money. By helping them to make sustainable, long-lasting change in their lives, the Priority Families Programme is saving money, working more efficiently and making a difference to the lives of more people in Nottingham.

For more information on Priority Families regarding IT Platform support please call Kate Thurman 0115 8763606.  For Safeguarding and family support please call Children & Families Direct on 0115 8764800 and for Priority Families Accredited Practitioners please ring 0115 8765964.