Family Support Pathway – Threshold for Support and Safeguarding

The Family Support Pathway 2016 / 17

We are pleased to launch a refreshed Nottingham City Family Support Pathway (FSP) for 2016/17. It is set within a new context for 2016/17 and sets out the threshold for access to support and services for professionals working with children and families.

The refresh takes account of government legislation, national themes, local developments and learning and recommendations from Serious Case Reviews. It sets out our approaches to support working in a ‘Think Family’ way; Signs of Safety Framework; and The Troubled Families programme that is well established across the Children’s Partnership through Nottingham’s Priority Families operating model. It also presents a refreshed diagram for Nottingham’s Model for Prevention, Early Help and Specialist Services.

The Family Support Pathway is a guide for all practitioners and managers in every agency working with children , young people and their families. It will enable practitioners within Children’s Partnership and Adult Services to work collaboration and have a shared responsibility to support children and families in a more holistic and inclusive way, to deliver timely, effective and seamless services in order to improve outcomes for our children and families.

The purpose of the Family Support Pathway is to ensure children and families receive the right help at the right time. It highlights the level of support and safeguarding that may be needed by children and families from universal, early help and targeted and specialist services. It emphasises the need for good quality assessment, analysis and planning processes and delivery of evidence-based interventions to meet the needs of the child and the whole family. The Early Help Assessment (Common Assessment Framework or Priority Families Family Assessment) is integral to the effective delivery of the Family Support Pathway. This will ensure that needs of children and families are identified and assessed earlier and co-ordinated through a multi-agency action plan.

The Family Support Strategy is now aligned in the Children’s & Young Peoples Plan 2016/20.

Click here to download Nottingham City Family Support Pathway