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    This page will keep you update to date with current workforce development updates and policies.


  • Best Start Transformation Plan
    From April 2018, Nottingham City Council (NCC) have commissioned Nottingham CityCare Children’s Public Health service, to work in partnership with NCC’s Early Help Team 0-5 to deliver the new ‘Giving Nottingham Children the Best Start in Life’ service. The commissioned service will deliver and integrate a range of existing services.


  • Core Development Standard
    The Core Development Standard sets out to provide a framework for considering standardised essential development to be undertaken by individuals across the children's workforce, from those who have no direct contact with children and families to those who have direct contact; ensuring that all individuals are trained adequately to do their jobs effectively and meet national guidance.
  • Children's Workforce Strategy
    The Nottingham Children's Partnership Workforce Strategy was developed in 2010 and is available to download below. Every year the strategy is updated to outline the next steps for the forthcoming year aligned to the cross cutting principles from the Children and Young People's Plan refresh. There is also an overview of National and Local changes since the introduction of the strategy at the front.
  • Communication and Engagement
    Establishing rapport, trust and respect; barriers to communication; consultation and negotiation; citizen led choices and decision making.
  • Child Development
    Growth and developmental stages, difficulties and assessment, motivation and encouragement, attachment and parenting
  • Children's Partnership
    Working in partnership to improve services for children, young people and families in Nottingham.
  • Common Assessment Framework
    Welcome to the CAF website. These pages summarise the key information you need to know about the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).
  • Children and Young People's Plan
    After consultation and review the Children and Young People's Plan was produced to cover the period 2016-2020.







  • Training and Skills for YOU!
    Face to face training and self-directed learning available to everyone who works within the Childrens Partnership, which supports the Core Development Standard.