he CAF process identifies which forms are used at each stage of the CAF process. The forms are detailed below.

CAF Pre-Assessment Checklist

The Nottingham City CAF Pre Assessment Checklist can be used by practitioners when deciding whether to initiate the CAF Process in relation to a child or young person.

This form is non mandatory but can be used to aid the decision making process and to trigger a CAF within your agency.

CAF Pre-Assessment Checklist

CAF Consent form

The Nottingham City CAF Consent Form is for use by all agencies to ensure consent from parents, carers and young people is recorded in a standard format.

CAF Consent Form Oct 2010

CAF Assessment Form

The Nottingham City CAF Form should be used by practitioners when initiating and undertaking the CAF process.

Nottingham City CAF Form 2010

Request for Service Form

The Request for Service Form should be used along with the CAF assessment form when making referrals via the Locality Access Panel for Family & Community Teams (Children's Centre, portage, play, youth and Community CAMHS). The CAF assessment form should be completed as fully as possible to provide supporting information and evidence for the request.

Family Community Team Service Request Form

Locality Access Panels Leaflet

Multi Agency Action Plan and Review

The Nottingham City CAF Multi Agency Action Plan should be used by practitioners planning a multi agency support plan for a child or young person following an assessment of need using the CAF Form and process.

CAF Multi Agency Action Plan 2010