Due to the disestablishment of the CAF team, the Multi Agency Forum (MAF) will no longer be operational.

Alternative provision

  • In the first instance workers should always seek the support of their line managers in cases that are becoming more complex or are not progressing as you had hoped.
  • You should also have a CAF lead or CAF Champion in your agency that could offer additional support.
  • The CAF toolkit also provides a good source of information and guidance on CAF process and practice that may help unblock difficulties; particularly the sections on TAC meetings and reviews, as well as a problem solving section.

Further Assistance

Additional support with CAF cases that would have previously met the remit of the Multi Agency Forums  can now be sought from the Family Community Teamsfor your area, based within the local Children's Centre. Cases which require additional support must meet the criteria below:

  • Full CAF Assessment completed
  • Team Around the Child meetings held
  • Evidence of multi agency action plans undertaken and reviewed.
  • Evidence of interventions undertaken
  • Barriers to achieving the aims of the multi agency action plan or meeting needs identified.
  • Identification of further need
  • Age range 0 - 19 years