To help the CAF process be conducted to high standards a Quality Assurance Framework has been produced. The Framework is based on self-assessment, auditing and feedback from families.

The CAF Quality Assurance Overview document introduces the process for ensuring that quality standards are met. The other documents listed below are useful tools which are all explained within the overview document

CAF Quality Assurance Overview

CAF Quality Assurance Overview

Self assessment and quality supervision throughout the CAF process

CAF self assessment checklist

CAF quality supervision checklist

Feedback from the child/young person and parent/carer

Getting the views of the child/young person guidance

My feelings colouring chart

My feelings number line

My feelings record

Audit of the CAF process

CAF Quality review form

CAF young person’s questionnaire

CAF parents/guardian/carers questionnaire

Regional standards

Regional standards for the CAF process

Nottingham Quality Assurance Audits

Summary of of the 2011 CAF Quality Assurance Audit

CAF Quality Assurance Audit