Colleagues working in all agencies that support children and young people should be using the CAF process to work together, share information and provide integrated support.

To use the CAF process you need to:

1. Understand what the CAF is and the role of the Lead Professional

Click here to read the CAF overview information.

2. Discuss the CAF within your organisation and agree where the CAF fits.

  • Who will be responsible for initiating and completing CAFs in your agency and who can undertake the role of the lead professional.
  • How the CAF fits in the referral and assessment process to support seamless service provision
  • Workers in specialist/protection services need to understand how the CAF can support specialist assessments and interventions.

3. Attend any appropriate training sessions

Click here to visit the CAF training pages

4. Download and work through the step by step guidance within the CAF Toolkit

CAF Toolkit 2010