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What you need to know about the Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) Reforms

A briefing note on the Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities Reforms that is aimed at children’s and adults workforce and managers across all sectors/agencies has been produced.  The brief includes a short summary of what the reforms are and a summary about inspection and what this means for the workforce.

Mental Health Support for School Age Pupils

This page hosts links to useful information and development opportunities.

Core Development Standard - Updated September 2017

The Children's Core Training Standard was first developed as one of the first actions within the Children's Workforce Strategy and Action Plan 2010-2014. It has recently been updated and approved at the Children's Partnership Board on the 28th September 2017 it has a simplified structure and additional suggested development areas.

Small Steps Big Changes - New Website

Small Steps Big Changes is Nottingham's 10 year "A Better Start" Big Lottery Funded Programme  helping children: 

  • To talk and communicate
  • Eat well and be healthy
  • Be confident, friendly and understand their emotions and behaviour

Children's Workforce Strategy Action Plan 

The Nottingham Children's Partnership -Workforce Strategy was launched in 2010. A new report is published every couple of years to outline the next steps for forth coming year aligned to the cross cutting principles from the Children and Young people's Plan refresh.  The new report is now available. 

Signs of Safety: A New Approach to working with Children & Families

Signs of Safety is a strengths based safety-organised approach to child protection work which expands the investigation of risk to encompass strengths and signs of safety to make an overall judgement of safety using a safety scale. The tools used in Signs of Safety have a wider application to other settings where workers need to communicate with children about their feelings and engage families in making changes

Supervision Framework

It is key to effective management oversight and review and it is critical in ensuring practitioners develop and maintain critical mindsets in a reflective way.

'Practitioners who are well supported, receive supervision and have access to training are more likely to think clearly and exercise professional discretion' (Brandon et al. 2005).

Children's Partnership Supervision Framework

The aim of this document is to provide a framework for supervision for all staff working within the Nottingham City Children's Partnership and partner agencies. Each service area will be responsible for ensuring that their own supervision policies and procedures meet the requirements of the Supervision Framework.