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Mental Capacity Act For Practitioners who work with Disabled Young People aged 16+


  •  Understand the principles of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and when it may apply
  • Explore who is the best person to conduct the Assessment and who makes the decision
  • Understand of restraint and restriction, when this may  become a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) (2007) and what to do
  • Understand what Court of Protection is and how this can be applied for
  • Practice what you've learnt using case studies and  familiarising yourselves with the paperwork

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Practitioners who work with Disabled Young People aged 16+


The cost is £100 per person please complete the booking form

If you are interested in discussing the delivery of a bespoke session for your organisation please email lisa.hazell@nottinghamcity.gov.uk 


8 Feb'18

12 Sept'18





City centre Nottingham





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Drug and Alcohol Resources

This resource guide has been developed for professionals working with young people on either a one to one basis or as a group activity, to raise awareness and explore the risks of drug and alcohol use. Please review the "Guidance Notes" first.