Early Intervention, Shared tools and processes; utilising partners; roles, responsibilities and leadership; referrals and communication

Skills and Knowledge Development Areas

  • Understand data protection legislation
  • Early intervention
  • Understand the importance of informed consent
  • Recognise the need for and when to make a referral
  • Work effectively with multi-agency teams

Development Options

E-learning Courses

Face to Face Sessions

Priority Families Induction - Aimed at frontline staff who will become Family Partnership Workers and hold Priority Families cases.

Self-directed Learning

Common Assessment Framework 

CAF training used to delivered by the Nottingham City Safeguarding Children's board. To find out about training please click here to contact them to find out what else is available.

Please go to the CAF website for key information you need to know about the Common Assessment Framework (CAF). 

Useful Websites

Lion website - useful for accessing information on local provision and services.

Bite-sized Learning Worksheets