The Core Development Standard sets out to provide a framework for considering standardised essential development to be undertaken by individuals across the children's workforce, from those who have no direct contact with children and families to those who have direct contact; ensuring that all individuals are trained adequately to do their jobs effectively and meet national guidance.

Core Development Standard - new September 2017.  Approved by the Children's Partnership Board on the 27th September.

Why do we have it?

The Core Development Standard will help achieve:

  • Coherent and logical training provisions based on not just individual needs, but on nationally recognised role competencies and the wider needs of others.
  • Wider participation in key training activities and increased individual knowledge and skills in critical areas.
  • Common professional knowledge, practices and vocabulary, and an improved awareness of other service areas.
  • Potential for service standard improvements through better networking, closer adherence to processes and improvements to individual capacities.
  • Greater service user and organisational protection through enforcement of minimum standards and documentation for auditing.
  • Improved training robustness and resilience.

What training will people receive?

All individuals will be expected to engage with the Core Development Standard as a condition of their work with the Nottingham Children's Partnership. Depending on an individual's role and the regularity with which they have contact with children and their families individuals will either be expected to undertake the different levels of training (click here for more detail), about the frequent courses being offered for individuals to enrol onto. Training is available for colleagues who have no direct contact with service user covers on fundamental topics delivered solely by e-learning, and can be completed through self-directed study, at a time and location of an individual's own choosing.

What is the impact on other training?

Department and team specific training should be unaffected, though when planning any new activity care should be taken to ensure that there is no duplication of training activity which is centrally offered.

How is training accessed?

Detailed information about the training available can be accessed on the Children's Partnership Website under Training and Skills for You section.

What we need to do as managers?

As a manager you will need to raise awareness within your teams of the Core Development Standard, the agreed framework of common workforce skills and competencies expected for members of staff employed within the Nottingham Children's Partnership; ensuring that all individuals are provided with the opportunity to develop and evidence appropriate foundation knowledge and skills to be able to work with Children and Young People.

When managers from Children and Families within Nottingham City Council are undertaking the new Performance Appraisal with members of their team they will need to make links with the Core Development Standard. The Core Development Standard, based on knowledge and skill competencies, supports and compliments the new Appraisal Scheme, which focuses on behavioural competencies; together offering a well rounded approach to appraising your team members.

We recommend other agencies should do the same and appraise knowledge, skills and behaviours

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